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Air 1 video captures terrifying pursuit of cop shooter Charlie Wallace

SPOKANE, Wash. - The Spokane County Sheriff's Office has released aerial video of police and sheriff's deputies pursuing gunman Charlie Wallace as he led officers on a high speed chase north of Spokane on Tuesday.

KXLY4 Reporter Jeff Humphrey was given the opportunity Thursday morning to watch the footage captured by Air 1, which shows Wallace speeding northbound on Highway 2 after Wallace had shot Spokane sheriff deputies Matt Spink and Mike Northway at Elm and Newport Highway Tuesday afternoon.

In the recording, Wallace is seen trying to avoid what he thinks is a spike strip by crossing over into oncoming southbound traffic near Highway 2 and Chattaroy Road.

He narrowly avoids several head-on collisions including one point where he drives between a pair of oncoming cars traveling side-by-side.

air 1 surveillance video

As Wallace neared Riverside High School, a pursuing deputy rammed the stolen Honda Accord he was driving off the road as Wallace turned westbound on Deer Park-Milan Road. Wallace, however, recovered from the crash and sped on toward Deer Park.

A Spokane police Major Crimes detective took the lead in the chase at that point and followed Wallace through a roundabout west of Deer Park. Then, as the Honda approached Highway 395, it ran over a spike strip that flattened the car's tires and caused Wallace to lose control and crash into a jersey barrier.

The video shows the Accord's air bag deploy and then a dozen officers surrounded the car with their guns drawn. It was at this point, but not visible from the Air 1 surveillance video, that Wallace took his pistol and shot himself in the head.