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Adams-Kinard arrested for robbery three months before Shorty's murder

SPOKANE, Wash. - STA surveillance video of Kenan Adams-Kinard

Three months before he allegedly beat a World War II veteran to death during a robbery attempt, Kenan Adams-Kinard snatched a woman's cell phone on a crowded STA bus and was sentenced to juvenile detention.

The May 15 incident was caught by Spokane Transit Authority surveillance cameras. The video, obtained by KXLY, shows Adams-Kinard was wearing a white t- shirt and carrying a black backpack sitting on the left-hand side of the bus while the victim is sitting on the right-hand side of the bus, with another passenger sitting in the aisle seat between them.

Adams-Kinard waited until the bus stopped at Fifth and Arthur then reached across the other passenger, stole the iPhone out of the victim's hand and bolted out of the bus.

Spokane police showed the surveillance video to Spokane School District security officers who recognized Adams-Kinard as a Lewis and Clark high school student.

Adams-Kinard was arrested and spent 19 days in Spokane's Juvenile Detention Center. As a condition of his release Adams-Kinard paid $400 restitution to the victim. The iPhone was never recovered.

On August 21, Adams-Kinard and Demetrius Glenn allegedly beat 88-year-old Delbert Belton to death during the course of a robbery in the parking lot of the Eagles Ice Arena. He was arrested early Monday morning by members of the Spokane Police Department's Patrol Anti-Crime Team.

Jessica, the cell phone owner, was shocked to learn from a reporter that Adams-Kinard was a suspect in the homicide. She said she was talking on her cell about her friend becoming pregnant and didn't see the strong arm robbery coming.

Adams-Kinard is expect to make his first court appearance Tuesday afternoon on charges related to Belton's killing.