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Abandoned puppy found on I-90

Abandoned puppy found on I-90

LINCOLN COUNTY, Wash. - A truck driver found an abandoned puppy in a plastic box on I-90 Tuesday morning.

The driver happened to pull off at the Fish Trap exit to stretch her legs, when she noticed a sealed plastic box was moving. When she peeled off the lid, out popped Charley, a young puppy.

The truck driver decided to bring Charley and his box into SCRAPS immediately, where officials were horrified at Charley's living condition.

"Food, feces, urine and water were all mixed together," said Janet Dixon, Special Programs Manager at SCRAPS.

Outside of a strong stench, Charley seemed to be relatively happy and healthy.  While SCRAPS employees were discouraged that someone could leave a puppy in such deplorable conditions, they understand it could have been a lot worse if not for the good Samaritan.



"I'm very grateful for this truck driver," said Dixon.  "Had the weather taken a turn, (Charley) could have frozen to death."

Charley received a bath and all the medical attention deemed appropriate by his handlers on Tuesday. Later this week, SCRAPS is hoping to hand him off to a Foster Family who will have the right of first refusal as Charley's permanent home.

To learn more about Charley, visit the SCRAPS Facebook page.