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82nd Annual Greek Dinner Festival

82nd Annual Greek Dinner Festival

SPOKANE, Wash. - The 82nd Annual Greek Dinner Festival is here.

The members of the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church go to work on this festival months in advance. The last couple of months leading up to this event, it's almost like a full time job.

Especially for the ladies and families who make all the delicious pastries.

There's Paximadia, Melomakarona, and Baklava, just to name a few. Some of the items you can get at the festival you'd be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

Adair Truman travels back to Spokane each year to help with the festival, and reminisce about some of her favorite foods and how they were once prepared.

“Our grandmothers were the ones that cooked it all and as the generations become more Americanized, you do lose some of it, so the good cooks, the good pastries are still here,” she said. “It wasn't done by recipe. It was done by feel.”

This is the church's primary fundraiser and a community favorite.

“It's a family event. Non-stop party all ages,” she said.

But it means much more to her, and other Greeks. It's about sharing the culture, and promoting togetherness. And something we could use much more of in life.

“It is about love or my favorite word in Greek (Stenos) is stranger and we have a word, which is basically 'hospitality' but it means to turn the stranger into a friend,” she said.

The Greek Festival started Thursday morning and runs through Saturday. You can dine or take your lunch or dinner to go. You can buy tickets here.