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4 Things to Know for June 19th

4 Things to Know for June 19th

SPOKANE, Wash. - Here's some things you should know as you get your week started.

Yet another suspected terror incident occurred in the United Kingdom last night. Worshippers leaving a mosque after evening prayer were targeted by a man driving a van who accelerated and rammed into them. At least eight people were injured and one died. Bystanders grabbed the 48-year-old white man suspected of driving the van, and pinned him down until officers arrived. The man was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder.

It's expected to be a big day in the murder trial of two-year-old Adalynn Hoyt. The toddler died of internal bleeding due to blunt force trauma to her abdomen, but wasn't found by relatives until hours after her death. Today in court, her accused killer, Jason Obermiller, is expected to take the stand. Obermiller was babysitting Adalynn and her three siblings the night of her death. Prosecutors say he was the last person to see Adalynn alive, and had been one of her most trusted babysitters.

One particular Washington driving law is going to be heavily enforced this week. The law states that drivers are required to stay out of the left lane on the highway unless actively passing someone. Troopers say left lane 'campers' are the number one complaint they receive from the public, and that's what led to this crackdown. From Tuesday to Thursday of this week, troopers will be on the look out for left lane campers. And if you're caught, a citation can run you $135.

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