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$15,000 worth of WSU merchandise seized from counterfeit vendor

PULLMAN, Wash. - Over 700 counterfeit T-shirts and sweatshirts were seized Saturday evening outside the WSU vs. UCLA football game. An unlicensed vendor was selling the merchandise on campus and around tailgating areas.

The WSU Trademark Licensing Office requested a search warrant for the vendor's inventory, which was executed by the Washington State University Police. The confiscated items total an estimated street value of $15,000.

WSU News spoke with Alyce Anderson, director of trademark licensing for WSU, who urged consumers to ensure they are buying legitimate, licensed products.

"When you buy counterfeit merchandise, you are giving your money to someone who is committing a crime," said Anderson. "Buying unlicensed merchandise also hurts the overall brand equity of the university and takes sales away from the vendors who are invested in following the law and acting as good stewards the WSU brand."

Charges against the vendor are being forwarded to the Whitman County prosecutor's office who will look to charge the vendor with a class C felony for manufacturing and selling unlicensed merchandise.