Local McDonalds Restaurants Now Hiring

SPOKANE, Wash. - At McDonalds they've got a saying "whether it's a year or a career we've got something to offer," and the owner of the McDonalds restaurant on Indian Trail is a testament to that.

For 33 years Tim Skubitz has worked for McDonalds. He started out as crew member making burgers, fries and shakes. Today he makes all the decisions at the three restaurants he owns, including one on Indian Trail that he?s owned for the last 9 years.

?I kind of joke when people say why do you still do this? I say because the foods yummy, but it's really about the people I interact with,? Skubitz said.

Starting April 19 McDonalds is launching a campaign to hire 50,000 new employees across the United States include 180 in Spokane. Positions will range from crew members to management, both full and part time.

Skubitz plans to hire up to 10 new employees depending on his need. Jennifer Wagner stated at McDonalds as a crew member while in high school; 15 years later she?s the manager at the Indian Trail restaurant.

?I hit 15 years on Sunday and I never thought I'd stick with it but it's given me a lot of opportunities,? Wagner said. Those opportunities include a good salary, health insurance and vacation time.

?We've really invested a lot in delivering customers what they want and we're growing and wen continue to grow and we need to satisfy to keep up with our customer demand,? Paisley Madison, northwest marketing manager for McDonalds, said.

That means more opportunities for people like Skubitz and Wagner, both who have worked their way up the ladder within the company.

April 19 is national hiring day for McDonalds but you can apply for a job any time. If you?re interested you can apply in person at any McDonalds. The easiest way to apply is to go online to /careers

Company officials say management positions range in salary from $30,000 to $60,000 with benefits depending on the restaurant and city.