LGBT Center in North Spokane burglarized

Center has been broken into twice since September

SPOKANE, Wash. - There have been multiple break-ins at businesses around downtown Spokane in recent weeks, and this week was no exception. The LGBT Center on Washington in North Spokane was burglarized Tuesday night, but a nearby coffee shop thinks they caught the culprit on camera.

The owners of Chairs Coffee on Indiana and Washington say they've been broken into twice since March, so they installed a surveillance system that alerts them by email at night when anyone trips the camera.

It turns out, someone was snooping around the entrance of Chairs Coffee overnight into Tuesday which is the same night the LGBT center was broken into. Their presence tripped the cameras and the owner of Chairs thinks he may be the burglar.

LGBT Center volunteer Carol Ehrhart says someone threw a rock through a front window, climbed in and stole their laptop and stereo.

?It's devastating, we're 100-percent volunteer run, 100-percent, everyone here is a volunteer, they're donating their time, they're donating their money,? Ehrhart said.

This is the second break-in for the LGBT Center since September. They're hoping to recoup what they lost during Friday night's annual holiday fundraiser.

The group needs a new laptop for the individuals who come to the center to do research and are now thinking about installing a security camera.

This is just one more burglary in a rash that have hit downtown Spokane since December 1st. There were five burglaries at businesses near 2nd and Sherman in the early morning hours of Wednesday.

The owners of Chairs Coffee have turned their surveillance video into the Spokane Police Department.