Kids Still Using Pools Despite Cost Increase

SPOKANE - For years it didn't cost a dime for kids to swim at any of the six city pools around Spokane but that all changed two years ago when the Spokane Park Board starting charging everyone who used the pools.

In November the board voted to double the fee from $2 to $4 for adults and from $1 to $2 for kids in order to cover the rising cost of operating the pools.

Sean Stevenson brought his three kids to the pool today like his mom used to do when he was growing up.

Sean says, "every summer it was part of a tradition, mom would bring a book and my sister and I would pretty much swim everyday over the summer."

Even though Sean now has to pay to use the pool, he isn't really bothered by the cost. "I don't mind paying the money especially because of the facilities," he says.

Linda Stumpf who brought her twins to the pool today agrees. Linda says, "it doesn't bother me you get out of the house, do something different it's better than our own backyard and it's a once in awhile thing."

Sean thinks it's okay for the price to be put in place as long as people who can't afford the few extra dollars can still come and splash around.

"As long as the scholarships they have started actually reach the right people so that people understand that the pools can be low cost for certain families," he says.

Low-income families can get sponsorships from "Make a Splash" campaign so that they can continue to use the pools and not have to worry about the price increase.

Park officials say they are averaging about 11,000 thousand visitors a week at pools and have seen about the same attendance as last year.