Jurors: Coe Showed No Remorse

SPOKANE - Jurors filing out of Judge Kathleen O'Connor's courtroom Thursday called Kevin Coe's testimony "wishy-washy", adding that he appeared unrepentant and came across as mentally abnormal.

The panel of eight women and four men took just over six hours to decide that Coe, 61, should be committed as a sexual predator to the Special Commitment Center at McNeil Island in Puget Sound.

Juror Joel Wilborn said that the panel put aside their personal feelings and beliefs and came together in identifying Coe as being mentally abnormal. What sealed Coe's fate in Wilborn's mind was his own testimony.

"I think the biggest thing that worked with me is when Mr. Coe got on the stand, it didn't seem like he cared," Wilborn said. "It looked like he was totally un-remorseful and didn't care what happened to him. He had an opportunity to go to treatment and he didn't and he just kept fumbling through his answers, changing his answers ... he was just not credible."

Fellow juror Tillie Reinier agreed that Coe's testimony did his defense more harm than good.

"His testimony was wishy-washy," Tillie said. "He just didn't answer the questions he was asked."

Like Wilborn, Tillie Reinier found that another factor that was in favor of Coe's commitment was his lack of remorse for his crimes.

"That was a big one, a totally big one," she said. "Unrepentant. Not taking any therapy and not taking any therapy when he got out. He has never acknowledged his disease."

The lead up to the reading of the verdict Wednesday has been two years of planning, preparation and pre-trial motions. At the end of it all, as the gallery was cleared and Coe was escorted from the courtroom to await transfer back to McNeil Island, Wilborn probably summed up the feelings of the entire Spokane community.

"We're glad to finally have it over," he said.