Judge orders Capone remain in custody

COEUR D'ALENE - A Monday afternoon court hearing for Charles Capone on a weapons charge painted a very disturbing picture of a man who has been prone to violent threats against women in the past.

Capone was arrested recently on an ATF charge for being a felon in possession of a firearm. At the same time his estranged wife, Rachael Anderson, has been missing for several weeks. The couple separated in early January after an incident where Anderson said that Capone strangled her.

During Monday?s court hearing it was revealed that Capone has had a history of violence against women. In 1997 he reportedly threatened a Moscow, Idaho doctor, telling her that he would break into her home, rape her and her daughter and then kill himself. Capone also has an ex-wife in Florida and in 2006 he reportedly stood over her with a screwdriver and threatened to kill her.

Members of Anderson?s family, who were in court Monday for the detention hearing, say they?re relieved that Capone is being kept in jail and were not surprised by the revelations of his history of violence and threats of violence against women.

Rachael Anderson had told family members ? and the Clarkston Police Department ? in the days and weeks prior to her disappearance that she feared for her life. She said that she was being stalked, her tires on her vehicle were slashed and she had been receiving prank calls, all incidents she reported to the police.

Not long after family members reported her missing investigators found her cellphone and vehicle. She was last seen in Moscow on April 16th.

It was also revealed that Capone, a three-time convicted felon, has an outstanding warrant for unpaid child support out of Arizona.

A federal judge ordered during Monday?s detention hearing that Capone be kept in custody on the firearms charge.

KXLY4's Tania Dall contributed to this report