Judge Criticizes FBI's Handling Of Harpham Arrest

SPOKANE, Wash. - A federal judge is criticizing FBI agents for not following proper criminal procedures when arresting the suspect in the attempted bombing of the Unity March on Martin Luther King Jr's birthday.

The court ruled agents failed to inform Kevin Harpham why his was being detained or show him the warrant for his arrest after he was being taken into custody.

Judge Justin Quackenbush has decided any statements Harpham made in the two and a half hours before he was advised of his rights are not admissible as evidence.

Judge Quackenbush also found that agents had tried to befriend Harpham in the hopes he would confess to the plot during a ten minute recorded interview that is now also inadmissible.

Harpham may have made one incriminating comment after he was advised of his rights and attorneys are still fighting over if the jury will hear that comment.