"It Gets Better" Project Brings Message About Gay Teens To Shadle Park High School

Spokane, Wash. - Dan Savage and Terry Miller started the "It Gets Better" project more than a year ago and they founded the project to speak to gay teenagers who were brutally bullied in school like Miller was.

While they both live in Seattle now, Miller grew up in Spokane and attended Shadle Park High School.

Terry told his story of how he was brutally bullied at Shadle Park High School in front of a packed crowd at the school's theater.

"They proceeded to like pretty much beat me to the ground," Miller said.

Things at Shadle Park High are changing. Aleah Gilmore is a senor and one of the executive members of the schools new Gay Straight Alliance Club.

"It was hard because there was gong to be resistance when we first started. All the posters we put up got torn down," Gilmore said.

Over the course of the year the club saw tolerance in their school increase.

"No one is really alone," Gilmore said.

Reminding kids of that face is why Terry and Dan founded the project.

"Just take heart in that there is a community out there waiting for you and we care about you," Miller said.

That community has proven to be tens of thousands of strong. Celebrities, musicians and politicians have gotten on board, creating videos, sharing their It Gets Better message.

It's the messages from everyday people that have the most impact.

They need to see they don't need to be rich or famous or a best friend of the president to be safe and loved and secure. They can be average regular everyday people and still have a life that is worth living," Dan Savage said.

Here at Shadle that message is louder than it ever has been. Twenty five years ago this now successful role model remembers being tormented everyday. Now kids that go to that same school say they will work so that never happens again.

"Even if there is going to be someone still who is gong to shove you into a locker, there will be someone to pull you back out now," Gilmore said.