In Creach?s death, community loses a good man

SPOKANE VALLEY - Scott Creach, the man shot and killed by a Spokane Valley Police Officer Wednesday night, was a well known and active community member, a business owner and a Baptist pastor.

?I do want to say that my father, 74-year-old man, a good man in the community, had been a pastor at Greenacres Baptist for 40 years he was for those of you in the community who've listened to him on the radio on the Plant Farmer program. We're gonna miss him,? Scott?s son Alan Creach said early Thursday morning, only a few hours after his dad was shot to death by a Spokane Valley Police Officer in the parking lot of his business The Plant Farm.

The shooting, because it involved a Spokane Valley officer, is under investigation by the Spokane Police Department. Creach expressed concerns about the handling of the investigation into his father?s shooting.

?Currently we have not truly been confirmed, although we know it to be true that he is the one that is dead in the parking lot; again I want to reiterate that it was at 11 o'clock last night that he was shot and killed and it's now 6 o'clock in the morning and he is still in the parking lot the family had not been allowed to come anywhere close,? Creach said.

Authorities responded to Creach?s concerns, saying they did not intend to traumatize the family; they are conducting a very sensitive investigation and could not move Scott Creach until all the evidence had been collected.

Long-time friend, fellow gardener and regular KXLY contributor Phyllis Stephens said Wednesday that she will miss Scott.

?I can't put my arms around the fact that he's gone,? she said. ?It's such a loss to our gardening community.?

Stephens says Creach operated the Plant Farm for decades and supplied plants to nurseries across the Pacific Northwest.

?When it comes to gardening, Scott was so innovative when it comes to green house growing, nurseries have adopted a lot of his techniques over the years,? Stephens said.

About 20 members of the Greenacres Baptist Church, where Creach was a pastor, held a prayer vigil for him at 7 a.m. Both the pastors and church members declined to comment, saying they?re too upset to talk about him.

Alan Creach said losing his father is a tragedy and asked the community for their prayers.

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