Idaho's Begines to ump at Little League World Series

For the past 19 years, Torben Begines's heart has been on the diamond in Northern Idaho.
"Strike Three!!!"
Next month, 2300 miles away, all those volunteer hours will pay off
"It's just a great honor to be there," Begines says. "Williamsport is the pinnacle so I'm just going to enjoy every minute that I'm there and soak it all in."
Ten years ago, Begines umped at the Northwest Regional, making a trip to Williamsport - the mecca of Little League baseball - the next step.
"It became an illness waiting for the letter. Wake up at night and stuff. And you never know if it's going to come - you wait year after year," Begines recalls
And just when it looked like his window of opportunity was closing, his name was finally called.
"It was probably the greatest feeling I've ever felt," Begines says.
"In the 10 years that I've worked with him, he really exemplifies what Little League is all about, which is courage, character and loyalty," fellow ump Brian Rounds exclaims.
One former umpire always takes the field with Torben - his son Ty, who died suddenly at the age of 18 back in 2006.
"Probably one of the better experiences I had was when we both umpired together for a game," Begines remembers.
Torben keeps family close to his heart - it's because of them that he's been given this opportunity.

Idaho's Begines to ump at Little League World Series

"If it wasn't for my wife... I love her so much and she's just been so supportive through this whole thing. And my daughter has just been awesome - I missed a lot of her birthdays. And she's been understanding, and God bless her heart, I love her to death," Begines says.
And as he gets ready for the challenge of being on the big stage...
"Cameras. Instant replay (laughs)."
He'll do so with everyone that's helped make his dream come true, including Ty.
"He'll be there, he's always here," Begines claims as he points to his chest.
Forever in his heart, and on the field.