Holidays and Heroes

SPOKANE - Christmas is going to be extra bright for some children and it's all thanks to our local law enforcement and firefighters.

Holidays and Heroes is an annual event where sheriff's deputies, police officers and firefighters pick up children at their homes and take them shopping.

The kids pick out presents for their family with the help of these men and women who make Christmas extra special for these children.

Pat Knight from the Post Falls Police Department volunteered his Sunday to take four-year-old Candice shopping and to be reminded about the magic of the holidays. Knight said, "it's just us taking out some children in the community giving them a good Christmas, making sure they can have the things everyone else has."

While the kids who participate are as giddy as can be, those who give up their time say they end up getting the most back!

Event founder Keith Hutcheson said, "sometimes we take things for granted and this kinds of brings a reality check back to everyone, we are here for the people."

Along with the gifts, the kids also go home with a warm blanket, food and books. Gifts 7-year-old Justice can't wait to put underneath his tree!

Justice had a big list, but after today his shopping is now complete. His favorite part about today he said, "I got to sit with Santa and we got to eat."

'Tis the season for giving and these officers, deputies and firefighters know that when you give, you end up receiving more than you can imagine.

Knight said, "we are just trying to make a difference, make sure they have a wonderful holiday, a wonderful Christmas and that's the whole point of the program."

This all got started back in 1998 when several officers got together and wanted to give back. The first year they took seven families shopping.

It's grow significantly and now 90-100 families were taken shopping this year.