Grinch Keeping Busy Stealing Christmas Across Spokane County

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. - Earlier this week someone stole part of an elaborate Christmas display near Trent and Evergreen making it the third display hit by thieves in Spokane Valley this week.

One of the people whose holiday display was targeted was Joe Polello, who loves Christmas and loves to display his passion for the holiday with his front yard display.

?To me its one of the nicest holidays of the whole year,? Polello said. ?If the electrical inspector came by he?d probably close me down with all these cords all over.?

Santa Claus is front and center in his display, flanked by a snowman on a phone, wrapped gifts and even toy soldiers. Polello?s decorations spill over into his orchard next door. Right now there's a church though earlier this week there were also some lit up Christmas trees.

?They took one the first night, we replaced it, and the next time they came back and took the second one,? Polello said.

More than $100 in decorations were boosted from Polello?s home over two nights.

?They don?t shop for Christmas, they go out and steal for Christmas,? Polello said.

Spokane County Sheriff spokesman Sergeant Dave Reagan says the county has seen three similar burglaries this week while at least a half dozen have been reported to the Spokane Police Department since November.

?It?s a slap in the face to the season to be stealing these things,? Sgt. Reagan said.

?It isn?t the crime of the century, but it is one of the quality of life issues for the community and so if we can come up with a pursuable lead we'll go there.?

Joe Polello just wishes the thieves would have asked before they took a five-finger discount on his Christmas decorations.

?If he would have come up to me and asked me for one of them I would have said take one, I?ll give it to you, come on in I?ll give you some stuff for the kids, some candy, but he didn?t do that, he helped himself two nights in a row, I couldn?t believe it,? he said.

Police say keep an eye on neighbors homes and report it to Crime Check. However, unless there?s a suspect or a license plate, it?s unlikely police will be able to do anything.