Governor Reviewing Jerry Lain Release

RICHLAND, WA - Gov. Chris Gregoire is deciding whether to block the release of a man convicted of nearly killing a Richland police officer 28 years ago.

Jerry Dean Lain is scheduled for release Monday by order of Washington's Indeterminate Sentence Review Board.

The governor has the authority to overrule the board, but the power hasn't been used in 30 years.

Former Richland officer Mike Fitzpatrick asked the governor to intervene. He was stabbed seven times and shot in the face and abdomen in 1982. Lain was convicted of assault and has been in prison ever since.

"I remember the look in his eyes when I was fighting him face to face," Fitzpatrick said.

The board only approved Lain's release if he goes to Iowa where he has family. Documents show the board won't release him here because of current tension surrounding high profile cases.

They're referring to the murders of four Lakewood Police Officers by Maurice Clemmons, a parole violator. Fitzpatrick believes the risk of another Lakewood incident is too high if Lain is released.