Good Question: Do People Really Buy Cars as Christmas Gifts?

Only 12 shopping days left until Christmas. So, what do you get the person who has everything? How about a shiny new car? Advertisements show people getting horsepower under the tree. But, do people really buy cars as Christmas gifts?

The commercials make it look so luxuriously simple. All you need is a lot of gift wrap, a giant red bow and the element of surprise. It's a simple gesture with an often enormous price tag. But, who really buys someone a car for Christmas? Because my husband sure doesn't!

"They're looking for a deal," says Scott Petterborg. "They're wanting that big surprise for Christmas."

Petterborg sells cars at Larry H. Miller Lexus. Scratch that. This month, he plays Santa.

"Business is good," Petterborg explains. "We have the December to Remember event going on and people are coming in and buying cars for Christmas gifts. With a big red bow!"

December to Remember is the Lexus way of encouraging customers to come in and buy a car before the end of the year. While some dealerships will charge you extra, Lexus will throw in that big, red bow for free. A few people reading this story already have loved ones cooking up a special surprise with Scott and his co-workers. We were sworn to secrecy - but, you're going to love opening that garage door on Christmas morning!

The December to Remember ad blitz has made December one of the busiest months of the year for Lexus. And, other dealerships cash in, too. Industry experts estimate about 10 percent of December car sales are gifts. Whether it's a gift for your mom or for that someone special, men buy cars as gifts more often than women do.

"We work with them, where we're not gonna call the house, we'll use whatever cell phone we need to to arrange it. It is a total surprise," says Petterborg.

And, it's not as crazy as it might seem. The end of the month is a really good time to buy a car - and, the end of the year is even better, as dealerships try to put up big numbers before the calendar changes on January 1. But, you better know what you're buying; returning a car isn't like taking back a bad tie!

"You do your homework, know the person you're buying for," advises Petterborg. "Who's going to turn down a brand new Lexus?"

Santa, if you're listening... certainly not me!