'God's Turkeys' overrun North Spokane neighborhood

SPOKANE - Some residents are getting their feathers ruffled in a Spokane neighborhood where three blocks of North Regal have been overrun by turkeys.

The turkeys have overrun the 6700 block of North Regal, eliciting a variety of responses. Some residents love the turkeys.

?I think its a good thing, people like to feed them and see them,? Russ Tylock said.

Some residents aren?t so enthusiastic about the turkeys.

?They're just running all over the neighborhood,? Arlene Dawson said.

?Oh them stupid turkeys,? Butch Dawson added.

Butch and Arlene Dawson have tried to do something about the turkeys for years but nothing ever gets done. The turkeys rip up flower beds and block the road.

?They're running all over yards, pooping in driveways, you track it in, when you go to the mailbox you step in it,? Arlene said.

The turkeys, by most accounts, originated with one person; Butch identifies that person as Kelly Smith. Smith himself admits that he has the original turkey but says the turkeys that overrunning the neighborhood are not his turkeys so they?re not his problem.

?They?re not my turkeys. They?re Gods turkeys,? Smith said.

So for now the turkeys remain though Butch Dawson won?t be doing much to look out for their welfare.

?I don't swerve to hit them, but if they're in my way look out,? he said.

As for how to get the turkeys out of the neighborhood it?s easier said than done. From animal control groups to the county to the state department of fish and game no agency wants to touch this case.