A 20-foot tall pile of goat manure spontaneously combusted, sparking a fire that turned up noses for miles in Vermont.

Windsor Police Chief Stephen Soares compared the stench to the smell of "burning rubbish" in an interview with the Valley News newspaper.

The manure normally would have been spread around the Oak Knoll Dairy farm earlier in the year, but owner George Redick said lots of rain and other factors prevented that from happening.

The flames were discovered by a worker on her way to milk the farm's 800 goats early Wednesday morning.

Town Manager Tom Marsh told The Associated Press he could smell the fire at his home five miles away.

In fact, the smell was so strong the town even posted a notice on its Facebook page:

"We have been getting a lot of calls about the odor permeating our community that smells like the town is on fire," the posting said. "Here is the answer: Very early this morning a pile of goat manure spontaneously combusted. The fire department is on the scene and taking care of it. There is no danger to life or property."