Girl recovering from surgery to remove massive tumor

SPOKANE - A North Idaho girl is recovering from major surgery at Sacred Heart Medical Center to remove a massive tumor so rare doctors believe five-year-old Madison Valentine may be the youngest child on record to have it.

John and Cynthia Valentine first noticed something was wrong with Madison last fall when she rapidly began to gain weight. In nine months Madison went from a healthy 45-pound girl to weighing 102 pounds.

Doctors discovered a tumor the size of almost two softballs in the center of her liver. The tumor caused her body to create excess steroids, creating a hormonal imbalance and causing her to gain all that weight.

The tumor was so massive, it was pushing on her veins and arteries and could have been life threatening. A team of doctors spent 11 hours in the operating room to remove it.

?We knew it was going to be dangerous and difficult because of the imaging because it was pressed against the inflow to the liver and the main garden hose which drains the lower body,? pediatric general surgeon Dr. Winston Chan said.

?Long, excruciating ? you could hear the second clock ticking, second hand ticking away it was a long day for all of us,? Madison?s dad John said.

Madison is recuperating from the surgery now; she?s slowly losing the weight and is starting to talk.