General Information Regarding Dental Implants

Content Provided By Dr. Ronald E. Mendenhall

Single Tooth Implants
When a patient is missing only one tooth, the single tooth replacement method may be used to replace the missing tooth using one implant and one crown. As the implant replaces the root and as the attached crown replaces the visible tooth, the patient will notice that dental implant looks and feels more natural. Also, in the single tooth replacement method, the neighboring teeth are untouched, therefore, minimizing future complications. Other treatments typically used in replacing a missing single tooth include a tooth-supported fixed bridge which lets the adjacent teeth support the cemented bridge. All in all, dental implants will help your jawbone become stronger as they keep the bone more intact.

Multiple Tooth Implants
Sometimes there are cases wherein a patient loses several teeth due to severe deterioration of the health of the teeth or due to a major accident which could have caused injury in his teeth. In cases like these, patients can opt for implant-supported bridges in order to replace several missing teeth. This works by allowing the dental implants to replace the missing tooth roots. Patients will find that implant-supported bridge method will give them more natural-looking and more natural-feeling teeth. In addition to this, implant-supported bridges will preserve the bone by integrating the implants with the jawbone, hence, making it more intact and healthy.