Friends Of Jason Poss Say He Had Changed

SPOKANE -- Friends of 23-year-old Jason Poss, and even one of his victims, are beginning to reveal more about who he was and what may have lead up to his crime spree and eventual death Friday in northeast Spokane.

Poss was shot and killed by Spokane Police Friday morning in the 1800 block of East Courtland after he lunged at them with a knife. Right before his confrontation with police, poss kicked down the door of Tara Tanner's home, stabbed her dog and then beat her with a skateboard.

"All I remember is his face being completely white, white as a ghost, and his eyes were so big," Tanner said.

Tanner says when she asked him what he wanted he responded with two questions for her.

"He said... do you know what today is? And I said no. Do you know who I am? And I said no... and that's when it scared me," Tanner said.

Tanner and her dog will make a full recovery, but Poss' attack has left her terrified to be left home alone and she says she can't sleep through the night.

"I don't know him, I have no idea why my house, why me? Why did I get chosen?" Tanner said.

While Tanner is trying to make sense of what happened to her, the debate has begun over if this police shooting was justified.

"I have no feeling, I don't know if it was right for them to shoot him, I don't know, all I know I what happened to me," Tanner said.

But to those who jump to conclusions that the police could have used other, non-lethal methods to take down Poss, she says to put themselves in her shoes.

"Yeah there was a lot of us here, but you had to be here to do through it... I'd like to see them do it," Tanner said.

Recently two of Poss' friends visited Tara at her home. The two, who said they were Poss' best friends in high school, handed Tanner $35 for her dog's medical expenses and then revealed something had changed their friend in recent weeks.

"They said that they were really, really sorry and the last week or so he was doing things really weird, into Satan and all this stuff," Tanner recalled. "They cannot believe he ever did that."

Tanner, who is still too frightened to be alone in her house, was calmed by the visit.

"It was kinda nice to know that at one time he was a good person, so I wonder what happened... I know we're all not perfect in this world," Tanner said.

In the days after the attack the Tanner family has been crafting donation jars and fliers for their pit bull, Molly. She was stabbed in the back and through the leg by Poss, but is stitched up and recovering.

The Tanner family is asking for donations to help cover the dog's medical bills. A jar has been place at various Spokane businesses including the Nine Mile Vet Clinic.