Friedlund Back In Jail On Witness Tampering Charge

COLVILLE, Wash. - John Friedlund, the man accused of starving a 106-year-old woman, is in trouble with the law once again, this time for allegedly tampering with a witness.

Friedlund, 78, appeared in Stevens County court Tuesday where prosecutors say he was attempting to persuade witnesses to go along with his version of the story. He is accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from 106-year-old Frances Swan.

Freidlund first found himself behind bars for abuse and neglect of Swan. He stands accused of starving her and keeping her in a home filled with trash and feces. He was recently arrested again, this time on charges that he was stealing money from her.

According to the Stevens County Prosecutor's Office, new evidence in the case shows that Friedlund sent hundreds of thousand of dollars of Swan's money to a man in Texas by the name of Steven Smith. They say he then called smith several times.

"He indicated that Mr. Friedlund had contacted him and was attempting to influence his testimony and things to say in the investigation," deputy prosecutor Lech Radzimski said.

Detectives are investigating that Friedlund and Smith reportedly met on a social networking site called GaySugarDaddy' In court Friedlund said he might not live long enough to stand trial if he went back to jail.

Friedlund is now back in jail; his bail has been set at $100,000.