Freezing Rain Triggers 99 Crashes

SPOKANE - Freezing rain triggered multiple slide-offs and crashes on Interstate 90 through Spokane Friday morning.

The combination of heavier traffic, cooler temperatures and rain caused dangerous driving conditions around 8 a.m., at the height of the Friday morning commute.

Spokane County Sheriff?s Sergeant Dave Reagan says there were 99 crashes or slideoffs reported to city and county police dispatches between the start of the drizzle at 6 a.m. and when the freezing rain let up around 2 p.m.

Jason Marrs and co-worker Shane Kitchin were in the middle of it all.

?At least twenty cars probably seven or eight different spots where people were crashed or banged up,? Marrs said.

?It happened in three, four minutes, it had to be no longer than that,? Kitchin said.

The road was so slick, state troopers had trouble staying on their feet as they tended to the accidents.

As KXLY photographer Jerry Swanson was getting video of a car into a guardrail, another car came cracking into the back of a Department of Transportation truck. It hit so hard the car?s horn stuck.

?There was a bunch of cars spinning and one was driving backwards because he couldn?t do anything,? Marrs said.

Marrs was headed to work out of town, but after his slippery morning commute he decided to turn around and took the day off.

?I don?t remember anything like this, even in an ice storm it wasn?t this bad,? Marrs said.