Flood Stages

  • Stage 1 - Alert: At this level, the public should be notified to gather personal belongings, prepare their homes for approaching flood, and determine a safe place to go to. Information on home preparation is attached. Safety Advisories shall be requested through the incident management team as a first alert to the public. An aggressive media alert may be organized at this time. Evacuation patrols will begin to visit all residents to collect information and brief them of evacuation procedures.
  • Stage II - Evacuation Warning: At this level, the public will be asked to voluntarily leave their homes. People are advised to drive carefully while leaving the area. Move livestock, RVs, and other time consuming items.
  • Stage III - Evacuation Requested: At this level, the public is requested to leave immediately but safely through designated routes. Please ask that they check out at road blocks so we know they have left the area and that we have adequate information to reach them. The Emergency Alert System may be activated at this time.
  • Stage IV - Security Patrols: Security patrols in place.
  • Stage V - Residents Allowed to Return