Firefighters: Tear gas tossed into apartment complex

SPOKANE - Spokane City Fire and hazardous materials crews treated a number of people who were exposed to tear gas at a north Spokane apartment complex Friday night.

Firefighters were called to the scene just before 10:00 Friday night when people living in an apartment complex near Diamond Avenue and Haven Street called 911 complaining of smoke in their building. That smoke turned out to be tear gas. Firefighters arrived and began treating some of the people that were exposed and complaining of irritated eyes, coughing, and nausea. Diane Littledog says she heard something hit her door and then another loud bang. When her husband opened the door to investigate the noise, tear gas flooded their apartment. Littledog says her young son was being treated by medics because the gas set off his asthma. Firefighters say nobody was taken to the hospital.The Red Cross said they made arrangements for two of the families at the complex to stay in a hotel Friday night.

Firefighters say it may take until early Saturday morning to get the fumes out of a couple of the apartments. They were busy airing out the apartments Friday night so that some of the tenants could return.Spokane Police are checking the tear gas canister for fingerprints in hopes of being able to track down a suspect.