Federal lawsuit claims driver profiled by license plates

Federal lawsuit claims driver profiled by license plates

SPOKANE, Wash. - A traffic stop by an Idaho State Police trooper a year ago has turned into a federal lawsuit, and the man behind the wheel said he was targeted by a trooper because of his license plates.

Darien Roseen alleges that he was targeted by an ISP trooper because of his Colorado license plates and said it was assumed he was under the influence of marijuana because pot in legal in the state.

According to a federal lawsuit Roseen claims he had just crossed into Idaho from Oregon on I-84 when a trooper began following him.

Roseen exited the interstate into a rest stop at which point the trooper activated his emergency lights and pulled him over.

As the officer talks with Roseen the conversation turns from why he was pulled over to if Roseen may be on an illegal substance, the trooper saying his eyes appeared "glassy."

From that point the trooper informed Roseen he would be calling in a drug detecting dog to sniff out any illegal substance. His vehicle is searched extensively, with items being removed from the bed of his truck, and the trooper said he smelled marijuana.

Those suspicions however eventually turned up nothing despite several searches of the vehicle including one at nearby police station.

The trooper eventually cited Roseen for careless driving and let him leave after several hours.

Roseen's attorney said that there were several civil rights violations including depravation of property, his freedom and his liberty.

The federal lawsuit was filed last month.