The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating after a drone fell out of the sky and into a crowd of people at a bull run in Virginia.

The remote-controlled aircraft was one of two flying over the "Great Bull Run" at Virginia Motorsports Park in Dinwiddie County, Richmond TV station WTVR reported.

The aircraft was capturing video of the bull run and tomato fight.

Event organizers said five people were struck when the aircraft fell. Three of the five people received treatment for minor injuries.

"We are investigating to see if the person flying the unmanned aircraft violated any FAA regulations, particularly the part that says 'No person may operate an aircraft in a careless or reckless manner so as to endanger the life or property of another,'" the FAA said in a statement.

WTVR reached out to the owner of the remote-controlled aircraft but has not yet received a reply.

After viewing the video, experts in the field of model aviation said it appeared the remote-controlled aircraft lost its signal with the transmitter before falling.