Drinking water advisory issued in Shoshone County

SHOSHONE COUNTY, Idaho - The Central Shoshone County Water District has issued a drinking water advisory.

Depressurization of the water system caused a water main to break.

Consumers are asked to drink bottled water or boil their water to a rolling boil for at least one minute before consumption.

The water service areas of Page, Smelterville, Kellogg, Wardner, Montgomery Gulch, Elizabeth Park, Big Creek, Sunny Slopes, and Osburn are affected.

Any licensed food establishments and child care facilities without running water are required to close until further notice.

Phone calls should be directed to the Water District office at 208-786-9141 or to the Department of Environmental Quality at 208-769-1422.

As of Thursday morning, bypass repairs were 75% complete. Repairs are expected to be completed by early Thursday evening.

Disinfection, flushing and testing are expected to be completed through Monday.

Consumers will be notified when water is safe to drink.