Downtown beer ban targets cheap alcohol

SPOKANE - Cheap beer will be much harder to find in downtown Spokane thanks to a new ban set to go into action next month. 

On Wednesday, the Washington State Liquor Control Board approved to ban the sale of 32 different kinds of cheap beers and malt beverages with a high alcohol content.  Beers on the ban list include: Steel Reserve, High Gravity and Bull Ice.  The banned beers can not be sold at any store within the borders of Spokane Falls Boulevard, Fifth Avenue, Cannon Street to the west, and Scott Street to the east.  The City of Spokane hopes the ban will reduce public drunkenness and improve the quality of life in the downtown core.  "I think it's positive for Spokane," said Anthony Rice, who just moved to downtown Spokane. "I think it will clean it up quite a bit, move people to different areas, especially how family friendly everyone is trying to make downtown." Monty Snyder works at a gas station on Lincoln Street, he isn't convinced the ban will work.  "I personally think it's one of those feel good laws. It sounds good on paper but because the downtown area is just a geographical area and once you cross that boundary, you can sell it anyway," said Snyder. "They'll just go there because people are going to get what they want to get."

Seattle and Tacoma both have similar bans. Spokane's version goes into effect on May 15th. 

To see a complete list of banned products and the map of the proposed area where the ban will be enforced, click here to visit the Liquor Control Board's web site.