A man died while skiing and his faithful dog stood watch over his dead body until rescuers discovered the pair.

81-year-old Robert Blake died of natural causes while cross-country skiing on a trail near Telluride, Colorado, reports KRQE. Blake took his Golden Retriever, Buddy, along for the trip, as he often did.

When Blake didn’t check in with his wife Friday night, she grew concerned. Blakes' neighbor at their cabin in Colorado found his vehicle and then the following day, a search crew found Blake's body under a tree in the snow, not far from the road. Buddy, was still at his side, taking a protective stance.

"There are a large number of coyotes in the area and Buddy refused to leave Mr. Blake’s body until we spent some time coaxing him to trust us," San Miquel County Sheriff Bill Masters told KRQE.

Buddy is back home in Corrales, providing comfort to his owner's widow.