Die-hard Coug Fan Gets Call From Coach Wulff

SEATTLE, Wash. - Eric Carr never wavered in his love for the WSU Cougars.

Not when they lost the Apple Cup.

Not when it meant he lost a bet to his Husky co-worker.

And certainly not during the 14-mile walk from his Belltown home to his Lynnwood office on Tuesday.

The terms of the bet were simple: If your team loses the Apple Cup, you have to walk to work.

So Carr dredged on, a Husky flag over his shoulder the entire time.

The above mentioned Husky fan, Greg Ehrlich, said Carr was hobbling pretty bad the next day.

But it was all worth it Wednesday night when Carr got a call from the Cougar Coach himself - Paul Wulff.

Ehrlich said after Carr got over his disbelief that Coach Wulff actually called him, they chatted about recruiting, the program and life.

"Coach Wulff also wanted Eric to tell me to buy a new pair of walking shoes, because the Huskies were going down next year," Ehrlich said.

While Ehrlich thinks that won't be happening, he was very impressed with the class that Coach Wulff showed.

"Eric was pretty miserable (Tuesday), but this call completely lifted his probably made his year," Ehrlich said. "Very classy and cool of Coach Wulff."

Now THAT's school spirit.