Diamonds and Dreams Field makeover continues

Diamonds and Dreams Field makeover...

SPOKANE, Wash. - The KXLY4 Extreme Team worked hard this week on the 2017 Diamonds and Dreams Field.

But they've still got lots of work ahead of them at the A.M. Cannon Park.

The team was hard at work Tuesday on a new back stop behind home plate.

The old chain link fence is being replaced with a unique, cool wooden backstop.

And while there's a lot going on on the baseball field, but there's even more to this makeover than that.

The tennis courts were cracked and full of weeds.

So the Extreme Team and the guys from Atchley's Hauling set to work clearing the court and resealing it.

“We're getting ready to burn all the cracks out, clean them out, grind them out, and get them prepped so they can actually play tennis on the court,” said John Atchley.

And those courts will be multipurpose. Folks can enjoy racquet ball, and skateboarding.

Park visitors area already looking forward to all the changes, including the new snack shack.