Cyrus O'Leary's Auctions Off Entire Store

SPOKANE - After 31 years, Cyrus O' Leary's Restaurant is shutting down. But Saturday, it opened its doors one last time not to sell food, but to sell everything else inside.

"There's a lot of super cool artifacts here, a lot of them might be 80-100 years old," Paul Gann said.

Gann used to eat at the restaurant years ago, and says he had to see what was up for auction. He ended up spending $1250 on a buffalo head.

"It's cool to see them, and to get a chance to take one of them home with you is even better," Gann said.

For owner Erikki Oranen it's a bittersweet day. The items he's collected over the years are being taken down, but it's also helping him clean out the restaurant.

"Quite a few people through the years have asked me if I wanted to sell certain items and I've never really sold anything for the last 28 years I've been here and now's their chance to get something they can remember the restaurant by," Oranen said.

One local charity is sure to remember Oranen and the restaurant for their contribution they're about to make.

"Spokane's has been really good to us the last 31 years and we've always done quite a few things through the years to help charities. Since this is my last 'hooray', I'd like to be able to help the Vanessa Behan Crisis Nursery," Oranen said.

"It's unexpected money, so it allows us to do even more than what we planned on doing this year," Executive Director of the Crisis Nursery Amy Knapton said.

A portion of the proceeds will go to the Crisis Nursery which keeps children safe, when their parents can't.

"I just love the idea that it's really all about Spokane, our community, an icon for everyone around here, and safety for our kids," Knapton added.

More than 600 items were sold at the auction.