Couple Busted Selling Crack Out Of Nail Salon

SPOKANE, Wash. - It turns out some customers of Luscious Nails And Beyond were buying more than a set of acrylic nails, after Spokane Police raided the salon where the owner's husband was using the storefront to sell crack cocaine.

Drug Unit detectives raided Luscious Nails and Beyond on Northwest Boulevard last Friday after the couple sold crack to undercover officers in drug buys.

Police first learned about Paul Rios and his alleged crack sales from a confidential informant. Undercover officers say they watched Rios deal from his Chevy Tahoe, sometimes with his kids in the back seat.

As they followed him around, detectives noticed Rios spending a lot of time at Luscious Nails And Beyond, owned by his wife Krista Rios, and after several transactions realized the store was selling more than manicures.

"As law enforcement gets better at detecting crimes bad guys are learning how to avoid detection and so by trying to sling dope in a business it adds one more layer of insulation between them and police," Spokane Police spokesperson Officer Jennifer DeRuwe said.

Detectives say Krista Rios was also selling cocaine from her salon; on October 14 they watched her leave her store to deliver drugs to an individual in her parking lot.

Police worry there had been many other transactions before their investigation got underway and concerned crack is making a comeback.

"Crack cocaine is a very addictive drug and often leads to many other crimes," DeRuwe said. "It's not a drug you can take for fun one day."

Paul and Krista Rios were arrested on charges of delivery of a controlled substance. After they were arrested the couple, who have previous drug-related convictions, were released on their own recognizance and made their first appearance in court Monday.