County Commissioners Delay New Jail Vote Until 2012

SPOKANE, Wash. - Plans to move forward on a new Spokane County jail have been put on hold after the county commissioners decided late Tuesday afternoon to delay their vote to move forward on the project.

One of the main reasons commissioners want to hold off on putting the jail bond on the measure this year is money. With a proposed $200 Million price tag, commissioners worry it will be too much for voters to handle.

They're now discussing the possibility of breaking up the $200 Million bond into easier to handle pieces.

?We will work throughout the rest of this year to reduce the project cost and to explore all options for achieving that goal. Our goal is to guarantee that they will receive the best possible return on their public safety dollars,? County Commissioner Al French said.

They have already picked a spot for the new jail near the interchange with I-90 in Medical Lake. The current jail by the courthouse is continually overcrowded and commissioners say it was never designed to be a jail in the first place, creating many safety issues.

The vote on the new jail has now been delayed until 2012.