Coeur d'Alene stores boosted by Small Business Saturday

COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho - For the first time, many downtown Coeur d'Alene businesses saw people come out specifically to shop local during Small Business Saturday. It gave them a boost in sales they hope will carry them through the rest of the holiday season.

Each piece of chocolate is a labor of love handcrafted by Tim Yeager's family at Coeur d'Alene Chocolates.

"Every time somebody tries one just to see that look of delight and amazement on their face," Yeager said.

Small Business Saturday

This is the sweet part of business, but chocolate isn't the only thing Yeager is trying to fill.

"The biggest challenge of course is trying to keep the current customer base trying to increase that," he said.

When Small Business Saturday rolls around it does make a difference.

"Last Saturday we more than doubled our normal Saturday sales, it's amazing," Yeager said.

It wasn't just people in the mood for a little dessert...

"Kids! It's adults, 66-percent adults that come here and have a lot of fun," Brett Sommer at Figpickels said.

With Black Friday, the holidays and Small Business Saturday, Figpickels Toy Emporium saw record breaking sales this weekend.

"I think money is freeing up," Sommer said.

Businesses are running off a high. Across the street from Figpickels, Del Sol saw a 15-percent spike in sales compared to last year's Small Business Saturday.

"We are on the upswing we are not where we were or where we need or want to be," Craig Ely at Del Sol said.

Just like Figpickels, Craig Ely had people walk through the door specifically to shop local.

"To get locals especially this time of year it means everything to us," Ely said.

It was an energetic kick off to the holiday season for what is a major selling time.

"For them to support small businesses is very important for us," Yeager said.

Now these locally owned and operated stores are hoping this enthusiasm will last through the holiday season.