Cocaine, guns and money seized at EWU frat brothers' off-campus party

CHENEY, Wash. - A trio of Sigma Nu fraternity brothers from Eastern Washington University was arrested Sunday after Cheney Police officers raided a late night party at a drug house that turned up guns, cocaine and cash.

Police were not aware of this drug house until they responded to a location on Normal Parkway last weekend to reports of woman banging on doors and screaming for help. They never found the young lady but they did find a big party going on inside this residence.

Arriving officers smelled burning marijuana and while trying to ask the party-goers about the woman's whereabouts had the door slammed in their face.

"It got slammed in their face. The person they were talking to did not want to assist with the investigation so the officers applied for and received a search warrant and entered the house," Cheney Police Department Commander Rick Campbell said.

Inside the house police say they found a smorgasbord of illegal street drugs.

"We found cocaine, we found methamphetamine and some psychedelic mushrooms marijuana, alcohol, underage drinking," Commander Campbell said.

According to the search warrant police also found a digital scale and drugs pre-packaged for sale and the men involved had armed themselves with guns to protect their profits, which included almost $1,000 in cash.

"Alcohol is the big driving factor for most of the crime we have here in town but we're also starting to see increase in drug use to and we want to keep that from getting a foothold in our community," Campbell said.

The three young men arrested on drug possession charges have been identified as Andrew D. Tucker, Kyle Hubly and Joseph Welsh. The trio is either current of former members of the Sigma Nu fraternity.

EWU officials want to know more about the frat's activities and issued a statement saying Wednesday afternoon which said, in part, "[W]e have initiated an inquiry with that organization to determine what, if any, role or involvement the organization may have had related to the individual students."

Both campus and Cheney police executed the search warrant. Both agencies want to make sure Eastern Washington University is a safe place to attend classes, but both agencies also want to make sure that the school's growing population of students doesn't affect Cheney's quality of life.

Here is the full transcript of EWU's statement on the incident:

We are presently working with authorities to ensure we have a fuller account of what happened and are taking appropriate action regarding individual students. Because the three arrested students were current or alumni members of a fraternity, we have initiated an inquiry with that organization to determine what, if any, role or involvement the organization may have had related to the individual students.While we cannot comment on specific students and any discipline we are taking against those students, we can say the following: Normally when students are involved in serious felonies that pose a danger to the safety and welfare of our campus community, the campus issues interim suspensions pending a formal disciplinary process. EWU has high standards for students and for student organizations. Any involvement with criminal activity is absolutely unacceptable and will not be tolerated.