Candlelight Vigil Held For Man Killed In Officer-Involved Shooting

SPOKANE - Family and friends of the man shot and killed by Spokane Police early Sunday morning during a domestic violence call held a candle light vigil outside of his North Spokane home Sunday night.

Investigators have not officially released the man?s name, but family members at the vigil say he is 26-year-old Kenneth Dennis.

Dennis and his fiancé lived in the home in the 5700 block of North Elgin with their two children.

The shooting happened during a domestic violence situation that two Spokane Police Officers responded to around 4 a.m. Sunday. Trooper Troy Briggs says the officers were met with a man holding a knife, but declined to say what caused the officers to fire their weapons.

?It?s a tragic even, you know, officers don?t go out to do their job to shoot people, that?s not what we do, we do have a job we have to do, unfortunately sometimes that?s the outcome of the situation that they get put in,? Briggs said.

The Washington State Patrol is taking over the investigation per Critical Incident Protocol and expect to release more information about the shooting in the coming days.

Neighbors say the Dennis and his family had just moved to the neighborhood two months ago and kept to themselves. Dave Fontana was asleep when the shooting happened just 30 feet from his bedroom window, but woke to the sound of a woman screaming.

?I heard a blood curdling scream like I?ve never heard before and it was the female,? Fontana said, referring to Dennis' fiancé

?It was such a loud scream it woke me right up and I had no idea there was a shooting at this point because from where my window is situated I can?t see the front door, I just heard that and saw the woman screaming out front with the officers.?

For those living in the North Spokane neighborhood, they don?t know what to make of an officer-involved shooting so close to home. This is the seventh officer-involved shooting in Spokane since last August, five of which have been fatal.

?I just keep thinking about the officer involved and his family and what a nightmare that must be for him, I cannot imagine, I mean, I don?t think any officer ever wants to have to do that or have to be that person,? Nichole Kiefer said.

?Basically I think if force is justified, it?s justified, but I don?t know anything about this case, I don?t know what happened over there, I don?t know those people,? Fontana said.

As of Sunday evening, Trooper Briggs could not release the names of the two Spokane officers involved in the shooting.