Business Is Good For Spokane Gun Shops

Spokane, Wash. - It's no surprise that many businesses are struggling to stay open in this economy. However, one local gun shop says they're not only open for business they're doing better than ever.

For Jaime Cruz and Tyler Burnley it's all about firepower. "Shooting anything I can get my hands on," Burnley said. And they're not alone.

Sharp Shooting Indoor Range and Gunshop owner Robin Ball says business is booming. "We're up about 17 percent," Ball said.

Those sales are a little off target compared to the last presidential election when gun control was a hot topic. "That trend stayed very strong from the time of the election through about the next six months," Ball said.

But it's definitely better than average. "That 17 percent is across the board for not just gun sales but for class participation and range use," Ball said.

Admittedly a trip to the range isn't exactly cheap. A box of ammo usually runs about 15 bucks then there are range and rental fees. "Some people save their pennies and don't do it every day," Cruz said. However, people seem to be loading up anyway.

"You know we're not big on the hunting side of the world but we see a lot of the tactical AR-15 style product or home defense shot guns," Ball said. That, she said, is something affected by the economy. "I'm told by law enforcement it's typical to see gun sales increase as the economy declines and crime increases," Ball said.

Another possible factor is that the range is close to town. "Are you going to go drive 50 miles to go shoot for an hour? We see a lot of little things that are impacting that climate," Ball said.

Either way, for Cruz and Burnley it's just about having a good time. "I'm definitely going to buy one as soon as I can," Burnley said.

Sharp Shooting business typically picks up when temperatures get cooler. They also have date night every Friday where it's two for one range fees. That was so popular they expended that to Wednesdays as well.