Bruttles, Davenport Hotel, confirm split

SPOKANE - The latest celebrity breakup doesn?t involve a Hollywood couple but rather two of Spokane?s most well-known institutions. Bruttles Gourmet Candy Shoppe and the Davenport Hotel are no longer together, and the breakup wasn't exactly a mutual decision.

Bruttles owner Carol Measel said the Davenport suddenly terminated their lease, giving them 30 days to move out after an 8-year relationship between her candy shop and the hotel. It?s not something she wanted.

?I'd thought I'd be there forever,? she said.

Davenport owner Walt Worthy says Bruttles gave them no choice. Worthy says the termination has to do with two things. The first was originality.

Measel took her Bruttles peanut brittle to the Coeur d'Alene Resort and offered to do a turn down service with them.

?We had the idea for the soft peanut brittle prior to meeting her,? Worthy said.

Then because of cutbacks the Davenport stopped offering their peanut brittle turn down service in December and in April Bruttles raised their prices.

?We have been buy candy wholesale as per their lease and we got a price increase that we as a group didn't make sense to continue to paying,? Worthy said.

Measel countered that she raised the price because ending the turn-down service hurt her business.

?The voicemail I got from Mr. Worthy said they are going to come up with their own recipe for soft peanut brittle,? Carol said.

The Davenport now plans to sell their own peanut brittle, along with other sweets, in the Davenport Signature Store.

?We?re in business at the Davenport to make money so there is no need in swamping dollars so if we can't make some money on it why pay almost as much as your selling if for not only that we want to give our client a better price,? Worthy said.

Losing her lease and long-term relationship with The Davenport Hotel left Carol Measel scrambling.

?Luckily I had my girls walk around the block and we signed the lease in 48 hours and in nine days we opened,? she said.

Bruttles is back in business in a much larger space than they had in the Davenport.

As for the end of their business relationship, both Bruttles and the Davenport says they wish each other the best and even though terminating their agreement wasn't in the long term plan it looks like it will work for the best for both businesses.