Brain cancer survivor finds his happy place on the raceway

Brain cancer survivor finds his happy...

SPOKANE, Wash. - Today the Spokane Kart Racing Association finished out their competitive season with a day at the races in Airway Heights.

One of the fastest in their age division was 14-year-old Gabe Tesch. He's only been racing for four months and the road to the raceway was not easy for him.

Jake Tesch, Gabe's dad explains, “Gabe's a brain cancer survivor. He was diagnosed in 2014 with brain cancer and went through 2 years of treatment.”

That treatment included brain surgery, relocating to Seattle and 49 weeks of chemotherapy.

Jake adds, “during his chemo treatments, he would lose and gain 10% of his body weight every 2 weeks so to be out here and doing something that takes so much physical effort, driving one of these karts, has been amazing for him.”

He bought his son a go kart before he was diagnosed. Gabe says it kept him going during treatment as he's always dreamed of racing cars.

“I really like being in the kart because I forget about everything, all the bad stuff, and I go out there and I think about all the good stuff,” shares Gabe.

In the last few weeks, there's been no shortage of bad stuff. Gabe is freshman at Freeman High School. He was on the second floor when a fellow student opened fire.

During Gabe's battle with cancer, the Freeman community rallied around him and his family
so today he decided to dedicate his time on the track and big win to them.

“I was in the shooting when it happened and I've been seeing how a lot of people have been going through it and i kind of want to bring joy to Freeman,” says Gabe.