A 14-year-old boy digging a trout pond in his backyard unearthed a 1,000-year-old mystery.

Ali Erturk had been digging the hole in his Salt Lake City backyard for about two weeks when he found a piece of bone. Then he found what looked to be a skull.

His father called police, who confirmed it was likely the remains of an American Indian.

"Humans have occupied this valley for up to 10,000 years," Utah Department of Heritage and Arts spokesman Geoffrey Fattah told The Salt Lake Tribune. "We do run into situations where progress runs into the ancient past."

Experts carefully removed the remains on Friday, and are now studying them to determine their sex and cultural affiliation.

The discovery is one Ali said he won't soon forget.

"When I saw it looked like a human skull, then it definitely was a bit creepy," he told Salt Lake City TV station KTVX. "I really do think there's other bones nearby, and I don't think that it's that unlikely or that lucky that I stumbled across this."