Bomb found on car in Coeur d'Alene

Attorney Edgar Steele arrested last week for trying to hire hitman to kill wife, mother-in-law

COEUR D'ALENE - A bomb was found on a car owned by Edgar and Cyndi Steele when Cyndi Steele brought the car to the Fast Lane Quik Lube on Government Way in Coeur d'Alene and mechanics found it underneath the vehicle.

Edgar Steele was arrested last week for attempting to hire a hit man to kill his wife and mother-in-law; he had wanted it to look like they were killed in a car crash, according to court documents obtained by KXLY from the Idaho Statesman.

The Coeur d'Alene Police Department reports that a woman showed up at the Fast Lane Quik Lube, located at 484 West Bosanko Avenue, for an oil change. Mechanics at the business later identified that woman as Cyndi Steele, Edgar Steele's wife. As mechanics were working to remove the oil plug they noticed a suspicious device underneath her vehicle, a Mitsubishi Endeavor.

They said that as soon as they found the device Cyndi became extremely concerned and told the mechanics to get out.

The mechanics pushed the Mitsubishi out of the business and called police. In turn the Spokane County Bomb Squad was called in to check the device on the vehicle and to aid in securing it for disposal.

After a few minutes, eyewitnesses say that Cyndi began to cry hysterically. A short while later her son came and told the mechanics they had received some death threats but nothing like this incident. The Steeles left with police officers a short time later.

Edgar Steele was arrested last week after he had solicited a long-time acquaintance to kill his wife Cyndi and his mother-in-law.

Steele, according to court documents, wanted his wife and mother-in-law killed in a car crash last Friday while his wife visited her mother in Oregon. Those documents say he wanted their deaths to look like an accident.