Blast Blasted By Washington Attorney General

Spokane, Wash. - Blast is a fruity malt beverage made by the makers of Colt 45. It's the latest alcoholic beverage flying off store shelves, and getting negative attention from the Washington State Attorney General's Office.

"We have had it in stock for 2 weeks now and we have sold every single one we have ever had," Said Joshua Hark, Sales Clerk at the Hamilton Mart.

Joshua Harke, is a sales clerk at the Hamilton Mart across the street from Gonzaga and he says they can't keep Blast in stock.

"I have heard oh its amazing, I am definitely going to buy that all the time. They are switching from Four Loko to Blast," Said Harke.

It's that thinking that has the Attorney General's Office worried.

"I'm very concerned about it. The problem is that I don't think it can be sold safely as is," Said Robert J. Fallis, Assistant Attorney General.

Blast comes in colorful fruity flavors.

"It almost looks like bubble gum, you look at and think bubble gum, almost like a Jones pop," Said Harke.

Blast is no where near as innocent as soda pop.

A 7 ounce bottle, looks tiny compared to a typical beer bottle but it packs a huge punch because its 12 percent alcohol.

The makers of Blast didn't stop at fruity flavors packaged in bright colors to try and sell what have been alcohol pops.

They hired a big name in pop culture to take pictures drinking it.

Everywhere you see blast you see a poster of Snoop Dogg surround by beautiful women, all of them drinking blast.

"They hear Snoop Dogg is promoting it, its gonna be a blast," Said Harke.

The Attorney General's Office says they want the company to reformulate Blast or change the packaging.