Bible Burned, Home Vandalized In Hate Crime

Dispute Between Two Teenage Girls Ends With Malicious Mischief

SPOKANE - Spokane Police are treating a case of malicious mischief in North Spokane as a hate crime after finding a burned bible and swastikas painted on multiple vehicles and a house.

The crime was called in to police around 2 a.m. Monday in the 7000 block of North Cochran.

Officers found two SUVs, two trucks and two boats had been covered in toilet paper and written on with paint pens. A nearby home had also been vandalized.

The person or persons responsible wrote ?disparaging remarks? about Jesus and God on the vehicles and home, according to police, which is why they are treating it as a hate crime.

During the investigation, officers also found a bible had been burned on the home?s porch.

Spokane Police confirmed Monday afternoon the incident was isolated in nature and was precipitated by a dispute between two teenage girls. A suspect has been identified.