Becky Schiering triumphed over adversity

SPOKANE VALLEY - Becky Schiering knew adversity in her lifetime; she had battled drug addiction and had bounced back to become a person who was passionate about giving back to the community. Becky?s life was cut tragically short when she and one of her sons were murdered Sunday by her ex-fiancée.

Friends and family members say Becky was no stranger to adversity; she overcame an addiction to methamphetamine in order to better provide for her three young children. Becky was not afraid to talk about the problems in her past; in 2008 she talked to KXLY about how CPS had helped her with her drug addiction when she was pregnant with her twin sons Jack and Phillip.

?It was a Godsend that somebody called, it was a Godsend that somebody stepped in and said something finally,? she said during that 2008 interview.

10 years ago, pregnant with her two youngest sons, she had an addiction to meth and had given custody of her oldest son, now 17, to the teen?s father. Doctors called Child Protective Services when she missed her pre-natal check-ups.

?That?s what started it,? Becky said. ?I don?t think I would?ve gotten there on my own, just hurling off into space until someone you know made that call.?

It was that call to CPS that ultimately helped Becky clean up her life.

?If there?s one less child sitting outside their parents? door while they?re doing drugs all day with their drug friends, I mean that is worth it. That really is worth it,? she said.

Now people who know her say it?s hard to find a better mom than Becky.

?She was such a great mom and oh the loss of her children ? I am so sorry,? Ann Murphy with Partners with Families and Children said.

Schiering had ended her relationship with Jan DeMeerleer several months back and it was DeMeerleer who went to her Spokane Valley home in the overnight hours Sunday morning and killed Becky, shot her 9-year-old son Phillip and then cut her 17-year-old son?s throat.

Becky?s 17-year-old son woke up as he was being attacked and called 9-1-1 about the attack on his family. Only Jack, Phillip?s twin brother, was left unscathed by DeMeerleer, who left the home and went back to his own residence. Spokane County Sheriff?s deputies found DeMeerleer dead in his garage from a gunshot wound later on Sunday.

?I can't imagine not only his mom but his brother; they were close I don't know who he has left that he is close to,? Nadine Van Stone said.

Investigators say Becky and DeMeerleer had been engaged and living together. Friends and family say she moved out about six months ago because he was abusive to her sons, especially to Jack, who has special needs. It was something Becky refused to tolerate.

?She was really motivated to make sure that her boys got a good life and that has always been her focus,? Van Stone said.

Besides being a dedicated mother Becky had other passions. After overcoming her drug addiction she became the owner of the Reclothery in downtown Spokane and went on to share her story or triumph. Seven months after her first interview with KXLY talking about overcoming drug addiction she talked about her success as a business owner, helping people find great bargains on clothes.

?People buy a ball gown, they wear it once or twice and then what do they do with it? It?s a $400 item in some cases. They bring it here,? Becky said.

?She found a second life and she was really grateful for that,? Van Stone said.

In Becky?s second life, she also volunteered in numerous charities, mostly helping women and children. Becky?s most recent project was setting up a boutique at St. Margaret for the women who live there to shop and also get job training.

She lived a life of philanthropy; a life of passion and for it to end the way it did Sunday morning is nothing short of tragic.

?It?s terrifying. It?s a great tragedy,? Mary Ann Murphy said.

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