Bayview Resident Designing Artistic Floating Home

BAYVIEW, Idaho - A float home near the edge of Bayview on Lake Pend Oreille is a one of a kind residence with a style all its own that?s raising a lot of eyebrows.

Alongside the ducks and sail boats Erik Musson's masterpiece, what he describes as his ?2,500 square foot studio? floats. It?s a studio with a style unlike anything this small town has seen before.

Musson's heard his home has been called everything from the Dr. Seuss home to ?a giant cry for help.?

But Musson will tell you he doesn't need any help. He?s a Jack of all Trades armed with a bachelors of fine arts degree in design who started in Seattle as a furniture maker.

When he bought the float home it looked like his neighbors? but over the past four years his home has undergone a metamorphosis, the idea for the design borne out of countless hours doodling.

?I can't really afford my own taste, I have more time than money and it's taken me this long to build what's in my head,? Musson said.

With 150 windows Musson?s home has no shortage of natural light or picture perfect views.

?And I still don't think I've done the view justice,? he said.

Inside the home it?s still a work in progress that Musson isn?t ready to reveal until he?s finished.

?The inside is going to be really unusual,? Musson explained.

Musson spends 15 to 20 hours a week building and re-building, because when water is your foundation it's hard to stay level.

?It's been therapeutic to build but I do get a lot of feedback, when is it going to be done,? Musson said, adding that he?s not prepared to answer that one just yet as he won?t settle for anything less than perfection.

?My plan is to live in it for a very, very, long time but I know as soon as I finish this project, I'll start on another,? he said.